~~ “Since coming to Cathy for reflexology, my indigestion and stomach pains have gone. I feel more relaxed at work and have more energy. I highly recommend it.  I always look forward to my reflexology and it controls my hot flashes.  I hardly have them anymore. I feel that coming every couple weeks for maintenance treatments keeps me healthy and happy all the time.”                                        -Lynette G.


~“I have been a client since 2004. A friend told me about it. Cathy has helped me with many issues that Doctors could not. You must try this. You'll be glad you did. -Christine T.

Beneficial Role of Hand Reflexology

Components of the hands reflect major organs, tissues, muscles, and glands all over the body. For example, the fingertips correspond to the brain, head, and sinus pathways, while the wrists mirror Fallopian tubes, lymph glands, and the groin.

Hand Reflexology reduces tension throughout the body and enhances relaxation, relieves pain, and improves blood circulation.

If you drive, hold a mouse, type, play a musical instrument, massage, write, chop, peel, knit, sew or use the telephone, your hands are engaging in repetitive movements that affect not only your hands, but your arms, elbows, shoulders, back, neck and eventually your entire body.

Hand Reflexology works with your hands to increase your vitality and well-being in your entire body no matter what you do on a daily basis.