~~"I am 32 years old and thought I would be living with pain for the rest of my life. After just a handful of visits, I feel like I can do anything. I didn't know what feeling good was, until this therapy. It has even helped me with my depression that I brought on by my pain problems. Thank you so much!”                                    -Randi N.


~~“We are so lucky to have found you! Both my Mother and I are feeling wonderful. She says her back hasn’t felt so good in years and she has energy to burn! My foot and leg and hip are doing so much better. Who knew Reflexology could do so much for the whole body! You are heaven sent! Bless you!” -Doreen S.

Health Benefits of Foot Reflexology

~Foot Reflexology is a natural process to restore balance, relieve tension and stress in the body. This will increase circulation to all the cells, organs & tissues. This will also activate your lymphatic and kidney systems to cleanse and remove toxins from the body. There are no side effects but, as in all bodywork, sometimes these systems will become more active during the next few days while the body is cleansing. This is a perfectly natural process and to support it, drink plenty of water.

~These sessions apply pressure to the reflex points on your bare feet and ankles. It may also include work on the lower legs to relieve tension and pain around or in the calf or shins. Some points may be quite tender. It is important to work these points out so your body can receive the most benefits from the session. Breathe deeply to assist in releasing the tensions in these points. Everybody's body is unique and has its own experience.

~Most people experience body parts relaxing and releasing tensions. You may experience increased warmth and sometime tingling sensations in different areas of the body. This is completely natural. As blockages and tensions are released in the meridians (energy channels of the body) you feel warmth or tingles as the flow improves. More blood and energy is flowing through your body helping your body recover more quickly.