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“When I first came for reflexology, you found some congestion in my intestinal area reflex, I thought I had no problem at the time.  The next day my intestine cleansed out very well and I felt better than I had in a Very Long time so I have returned to you for more treatments.  I can feel wonderful things happening in my body as you work.  Thank you !                -Nan F.

~~“I have really enjoyed my reflexology treatments and feel that they have been very beneficial in decreasing stress, helping me sleep and generally improving my sense of well-being. My pain is improved so much that many times I can honestly say” I have no pain”. Something I Never thought I would ever say again! Cathy is very calm, professional and welcoming and makes the whole experience very relaxing. I would recommend anyone to try a treatment, as I was amazed at how much difference they make. The reflexology along with her knowledge of so many concerns I had, has helped me in more ways than I can list! Or ever thought could happen. I love Cathy! She is beyond Wonderful!”       -Kimi K.

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